The Latest

It has been more than three years since we had the final version of the film available to share and in that time we have shown the film Falling Through the Cracks: Greg's Story to more than 450 audiences.  The film continues to have an impact every time we show it.  The film has sparked some amazing, valuable and important conversations and we will continue to support and help enable positive change any way we can.
We host monthly virtual screenings of the film that are open to the public. These screenings are the easiest way to see the film and include a Q&A with members of Greg's family. If you are interested in hosting a screening of the film please contact us.
We believe Falling Through the Cracks is more than a Movie and that it will spark a Movement and because of this are launching an online community called The Co-Pilot Collective . Co-Pilot is designed to be a place to gather and share information, experiences and ideas about our healthcare systems. You will have the opportunity to learn from others and create and collaborate with other Co-Pilots.

About Greg's Wings Projects

Greg's Wings Projects is a not-for-profit organization established in honour of Greg Price. Greg continues to inspire us and our goal is to provide life to what Greg might have done. Greg was supportive and had a genuine interest in the aspirations of others. He had a strong commitment to his rural roots and wanted to have a positive impact on the world for the generations that follow. He was always reading, learning and questioning through discussion with others. He actively tried to understand different perspectives, in a positive way, to develop better solutions for the future. Sport was also always a big part of his life through coaching, mentoring, supporting and encouraging all with integrity and selfless commitment.

Focus Areas

The Greg’s Wings organization will initiate and support projects that align with our 3 focus areas that are inspired by Greg:
Innovation + Impact
Greg encouraged bold innovative ideas and outside the box thinking. He wanted to have a positive lasting impact on the world around him.
The local community was an incredibly important part of Greg's life. We believe, as Greg did, in the strength of rural values and the opportunity for collaboration and innovation to thrive.
Health + Sport
Greg loved being fit and healthy and being part of a team was always an important aspect of his life.

Current Projects

Acme, Alberta, Canada