Falling Through the Cracks: Greg’s Story is a short film on Greg Price’s journey through the healthcare system. The film gives a glimpse of who Greg was and focuses on the events of his healthcare journey that ended in his unexpected and tragic death.   In spite of the sadness of Greg’s Story, the message of the film is intended to inspire positive change and improvement in the healthcare system. We believe the film will resonate with the audience and create a platform for further dialogue. We hope people will feel empowered and challenge the status quo of the current healthcare system so we all end up with better care and outcomes.


We are starting to host regularilty scheduled virtual screenings of the film.  Info and registration for the next livestream can be found here.

Our Team

We are incredibly grateful to the cast and crew that created this film. They have given us a gift. Their skill and ability to create a high quality and impactful film is evident in the end product but their professionalism, respect and genuine desire to work together to produce a film that is a true reflection of Greg made the experience of making this film a positive one that we continue to be excited to share and build on.

More about the Falling Through the Cracks: Greg’s Story Team

Distribution plan

Phase 1, Release – Early 2019

As a family, we wanted the opportunity to be present for the first few screenings.  We hoped to learn from the audiences what their reactions to the film are and to gather the common questions and themes that come out in the post-film discussions.

Phase 2,  Fall 2019 (tentative)

Organizations (or individuals) will be able to request access to the film so they can host their own screenings of the film.  By the time we move to Phase 2, we will have participated in more than 200 post-film discussions and will have a screening kit developed to share with hosts. We are not planning to charge for the use of the film but we will require potential hosts to share information about their audiences, objectives and we will ask that they share feedback and what worked well (or didn’t) for them.  We want to be able to share learnings and set everyone up for successful screenings.

Phase 3, Depending on the success of Phase 2

Eventually, the film and related resources will be open and available through our website.

If you are interested in using/sharing the film please fill out the initial request for access form to start a discussion with us about bringing the film to your organization or community.

Request for Access Form

More dates and locations for public screenings of the film will be announced soon. If you would like a public screening in your town or city please contact us.

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