Distribution plan

Phase 1, Release – November 16, 2018

As a family, we wanted the opportunity to be present for the first few months of screenings.  We hoped to learn from the audiences what their reactions to the film are and to gather the common questions and themes that come out in the post-film discussions.

Phase 2, November 16 – Spring 2019 (tentative)

Organizations (or individuals) will be able to request access to the film so they can host their own screenings of the film.  By the time we move to Phase 2, we will have participated in more than 100 post-film discussions and will have a screening kit developed to share with hosts. We are not planning to charge for the use of the film but we will require potential hosts to share information about their audiences, objectives and we will ask that they share feedback and what worked well (or didn’t) for them.  We want to be able to share learnings and set everyone up for successful screenings.

Phase 3, Spring 2019 (tentative)

Eventually, the film and related resources will be open and available through our website.

If you are interested in using/sharing the film please fill out the initial request for access form to start a discussion with us about bringing the film to your organization or community.

Request for Access Form