The initial trigger for the Falling Through the Cracks: Greg’s Story film project was a request by Dr. Ward Flemons. We met Ward through his work on the Continuity of Patient Care Study.  The study used Greg’s journey through the healthcare system to highlight the cracks and breaks in the continuity of his care which ultimately led to his death. Ward had been sharing Greg’s story with students at the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine and wanted to develop a series of video modules as a tool to enhance the sessions and to emphasize the critical importance of communication and teamwork in healthcare.

We want the film to be broadly used but we also want the community of people inspired by Greg and by the film to share what they are doing, the resources that they have developed and what has worked (and what hasn’t).  We want everyone using the film to learn from each other, utilize the resources that have been developed, to build on them and share their versions. There will be a place within the Co-Pilot Collective to facilitate this. Stay tuned!